Trekking Equipment

When climbing Mt Kilimanjaro on the Marangu route and during the Mt Meru trekking, you will stay in mountain huts which are similar in style to Scandinavian wooden huts. Mattresses and electric lights are available. All other routes are camping routes and overnight accommodation will be in 2-man-tents equipped with sleeping mats. All meals will be served in a larger mess tent and camping tables and chairs are supplied by us.

On private trekking tours along the camping routes, we carry a chemical toilet with a toilet tent. The toilet situation on Kilimanjaro has been the biggest concern for mountaineers and this undertaking will definitely be a big relief for all private trekking guests.

Our equipment has to withstand the onslaught of exposure to the elements: extreme temperatures, snow and ice storms and powerful sunlight. Good quality materials and regular maintenance are vital for continued safety and durability and all equipment is replaced and updated periodically.

We only use the best products and brands such as VauDe and Nordisk and even modify our equipment to meet our clients’ needs. The cooking utensils, cutlery and crockery are made of strong materials to resist the tough requirements. The sleeping mats and the camping gear are made of sturdy but light materials to reduce weight for the porters.


Your Kilimanjaro summit success is very important to us and we will make sure we do all it takes to make your Kilimanjaro trekking experience unforgettable by giving you the best mountain climbing guides and crew, the best camping gears as well as the best meals in the mountain

Each our Kilimanjaro Trek is supplied with;

  • *Mess/Dining tent
  • *Sleeping tent(3man dome tent but two people sleep in)
  • *Camping tables and chairs
  • *First Aid Kit
  • *Kitchen Tent
  • *Crew tents(for porters and guides)
  • *Pulse oximeter

We carry dining tents for each of our climbs through all routes except Marangu


For group climbs we carry portable oxygen in the mountain, pulse oximeter are compulsory to each of our climb, each client is insured by flying doctor medical evacuation AMREF, our guides carry first aid kit


Camping tables and chairs are compulsory to all our Kilimanjaro treks expeditions

Camping Equipment

On our Adventure Camping Safaris, you will stay in public campsites, located inside the park or on private campsites on the outskirts. The campsites in the parks are not fenced and it is not unlikely that you may find elephants wandering between the tents or bump into antelopes on your way to the shower.

Accommodation will be in 2-person-tents (2.5m x 2.5m and 1.8m high) which are all waterproof and come with built-in mosquito nets at their entrances and windows. Comfortable 5 cm thick sleeping mattresses will be provided by us, as well as robust camping furniture such as tables, safari chairs, functional cutlery and crockery. Our camping equipment has been imported from South Africa and has therefore great quality, offering you all the comfort you could wish for.

You will also be accompanied by a skilled safari cook who will take care of your well-being. He will prepare all meals, often even including a packed meal for a picnic lunch. Early morning eggs and sausages, coffee and bread, snacks and evenings with stews and salads, Tanzania-Experience’s cooks can create delicious 3-course meals with only a fire and a sharp knife… The camp and food will be set up and made for you, so that you just lean back, relax and enjoy your holidays.