Camping Safaris in Uganda

All your senses will be involved; from smelling early morning coffee, experiencing the thrill of a kill to the chill of a morning game drive. Falling asleep to the hooting of an owl or waking up with the roaring of a lion is what you will experience. The safari experience is all the more intense as you are ‘right in the middle’ of it all. The nearness to the nature, especially at night with its nocturnal sounds, compensates for the luxury of a lodge.

  • ~ Rushaga Gorilla Camp
  • ~ Nshongi Gorilla camp

  • ~ Buhoma Community Rest Camp
  • ~ Bwindi View

  • ~ Gorilla Mist Lodge
  • ~ Gift of Nature Lodge

  • ~ Wagtail Camp
  • ~ Nshongi camp


Lodge safaris are for the discerning traveller who wishes to experience Eastern Africa’s wilderness in comfort and ease. During the day, you will be out in the bush exploring the wilderness of Uganda and in the evenings you will enjoy all the amenities your lodge or tented camp has to offer. After an exciting day of game drives, seeing animals and being in nature, you will arrive at your lodge or tented camp. Here you will be greeted with a welcome drink and settle in your room or private tent. Take a shower to wash off the dust and prepare for supper

  • ~ Bwindi Jungle Lodge
  • ~ Ichumbi Lodge

  • ~ Haven Lodge

  • ~ Bakiga Lodge
  • ~ Gorilla Mist Lodge

  • ~ Nkuringo Gorilla Lodge
  • ~ Ichumbi camp


A luxury safari is designed to give you the best what Uganda has to offer. The best in hand-picked luxury accommodation – stylish 4 to 5-star lodges with comfortable beds and en-suite bathrooms, exquisite cuisine and breathtaking views. We employ the best guides – experienced and professional guys who will take you where the action is, allowing you to get the best photos and the best views. Speak to our consultants about what you want to see and we arrange everything.

  • ~ Gorilla Safari Lodge
  • ~ Cloud Mountain Lodge

  • ~ Buhoma Lodge
  • ~ Silverback Lodge
  • ~ Egagi Lodge
  • ~ Mahogany Springs

  • ~ Ruhija Gorilla Safari Lodge

  • ~ Nkuringo Bwindi Gorrilla Safari Lodge
  • ~ Chameleon Hill Lodge